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I am Aoife
Founder of
Back to Birth Education

I am a registered Irish Australian Clinical Midwife, Certified Childbirth Educator and the proud founder and mama to Back to Birth Education. I have been immersed in the world of midwifery for over twelve years now having gained ample clinical and community experience in both large public and private tertiary hospitals on both sides of the world. 

Back to Birth is an independently run and refreshingly modern childbirth education business offering a range of virtual and face to face classes, in private home and inclusive group settings.

I ADORE all aspects of midwifery. However, one of the greatest rewards to being a midwife in my eyes is having the opportunity to empower, encourage and educate women and their families to trust their bodies, to lean into their true intuition and to make informed decisions for themselves and their babies. 

Similarly, I am truly fascinated by the power and magic of women, pregnancy and birth.  An ever evolving passion which has led to the creation of my own little baby, Back to Birth Education.

Over the course of my colourful clinical and community experience, it has become crystal clear to me that hospitals and birth centres are hurried complex areas caring for an ever-increasing number of women and families. Ever since the rude birth of Covid, I have witnessed firsthand women and their families feeling extremely overwhelmed, isolated and under prepared due to inaccessible, cancelled or disrupted services. Subsequently, this is why Back to Birth Education was initially created

I firmly believe, now more than ever, that high quality evidence-based childbirth education from a reliable trustworthy source is the absolute most effective way for you and your support partner to achieve a positive birth experience. 

Your admiring midwife,


Back to Birth's Mission & Purpose

Back to Birth’s purpose and goal is to help you and your support partner approach birth and parenthood with assurance in yourselves and in your instincts. Regardless of your birth choices, how you feed your baby and feelings around parenting, my hope is for you to feel seen, safe and informed at all times.

Aside from Back to Birth’s artistic Instagram page and jam-packed educational tiles, Back to Birth Education offers a range of comprehensive yet simple educational bundles inspired by the thousands of questions I have been asked as a Clinical Midwife and Childbirth Educator over my twelve years. 

Back to Birth’s Educational bundles incorporate a modern, fun filled, evidence-based approach while providing reliable and accessible information. Be sure to click the classes tab above for more information.

Pregnancy, labour and birth are significant, enduring life events that have the potential to impact the way you parent your gorgeous baby (ies). I firmly believe, now more than ever, that quality accessible education is essential and can go a long way in boosting you and your support partner’s confidence. 

Information is empowering and what you do not know can scare you more than it should. If I am to be given the absolute pleasure to be invited into your birth team, I cannot wait to share my knowledge, passion and excitement with you both. So, let’s get preparing hey! 

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Kat and Matt

‘..We loved our Back to Birth series so much and are SO happy we signed up for Time to Shine, Baby love and the Golden hour. Thank you for everything Aoife..”

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Aoife & Adrian

“…Thank you for all you taught us both Aoife. We just loved our Back to Birth education series! Both myself and Adrian are so grateful for all the advice, support and knowledge you shared with us before Aodhla’s birth…”

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Maria & David

“…Aoife covered all types of birth modes in our classes so we weren’t clueless when the day came. I will definitely recommend Aoife to family & friends…”

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Zoe & Darren

“..We are still referring to our Back to Birth PDF notes on a daily basis and also take such peace in knowing that we can reach out to you at anytime with questions that may arise..”

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Sunny's Mummas

“…Thank you for all the info and support you gave us through Back to Birth’s Time to Shine course Aoife. Back to Birth’s bundles had such a positive impact on our experience of Sunny’s birth…”

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