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There are many reasons why an expecting mother consents to birth via caesarean be it planned, scheduled, for medical conditions or in an emergency scenario.

"You filled our minds with a wealth of knowledge and because of that I had a GREAT birth experience . Matt and I both remained calm and positive throughout the whole labour and on 20th May 2022 we welcomed our baby girl via c section."

Class Overview

Are YOU having a planned caesarean and wish to learn how to make it a smoother and calmer process?

Regardless of the reason why your caesarean birth is happening, Back to Birth strongly believes there should be 𝗡𝗢 reason to associate shame with this particular birth mode.
As someone who witnesses and supports women during and after their caesarean operations on a day to day basis, I feel extremely passionate to spread awareness about the ENORMITY of having a caesarean and the long recovery involved. This is why Back to Caesarean Birth was created.



120 mins






Aoife Kenny

Class Topics Covered

Back to Caesarean Birth is an exciting inclusive bundle that explores:

  • The ins and outs of what to expect in the weeks leading up to your surgery.
  • What actually happens in theatre on the day.
  • What happens during your hospital stay and during your recovery post birth.
  • What you should pack in your hospital bag for your extended hospital stay.
  • How to get your home ready for your long recovery.
  • How to optimise your caesarean recovery in the first 6 weeks.
  • We will also run through B2B’s exclusive caesarean birth plan template for you to use

Having completed this class, you will receive:

  • A summarised version of everything we discuss via a PDF file so you can save it to your notes on your phone.
  • An additional resource page full of helpful links, podcasts I find and listen to weekly, book and website recommendations. Knowledge truly is power.
  • As mentioned, you receive an in-depth Birth Plan template for you to use for your birth.
  • A hospital bag template for your hospital preparations.
  • A list of helpful affirmations to use for your birth/last few weeks of pregnancy and
  • A third trimester checklist to ensure you feel ready & prepared for baby’s arrival

A caesarean is just as raw, just as real and requires as much strength, preparation and courage to birth naturally. Back to Caesarean Birth will have you and your support partner feeling prepared, at peace and informed for your upcoming elective caesarean birth.


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