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Back to Birth’s educational classes are proudly and independently run by founder Aoife Kenny, a passionate Registered Midwife with a 1.1 Bachelor of Science in Midwifery and Certified Childbirth Educator who is registered with

  • The NMBI
  • AHPRA and
  • The ANMF.

The best time to begin your Back to Birth bundle journey is from 28 weeks onwards. However, this is ONLY a guide.

You will benefit from any of Back to Birth’s bundles at any stage in your pregnancy.

Please note that private classes are limited and fill quickly! Contact me and book in your class as soon as possible to ensure that your first choice of date/time is available.

If you are a first time birthing person,

  • Time to Shine
  • Baby Love and
  • The Golden Hour ( if you are planning on breastfeeding) are purposefully designed to support you and your support partner.

Check out the handful of recent Back to Birth’s testimonials below, to learn more about the experiences of Back to Birth’s parents who have previously completed the full series.

  • Time to Shine is a two part bundle made up of 2x two hour classes. (4 hours in total)
  • Baby Love is one class that runs for 75 minutes.
  • The Golden Hour is a 75 minute class.
  • Here we go again is one class that runs for 90 minutes.
  • Back to Twin Birth is a two part bundle made up of 2x two hour classes (4 hours in total)
  • Back to Caesarean Birth is a summarised version of TTS with an exciting caesarean spin (90 minutes).
  • Back to Epidural Birth is one class that runs for two hours.
  • Back to VBAC Birth is one class that runs for two hours.

Back to Birth’s online classes are facilitated via Zoom. Zoom is a free and super easy to use online platform. All you need to do is download the ap on your laptop, create a free account and you’re in. An individual zoom link will be sent to your email address the night before your Back to Birth class, which will be active and accessible for your whole Back to Birth series. This will be the same link you will use for all your classes.

Back to Birth Education classes are unique, independent and different to hospital classes.

Back to Birth classes have been designed and are independently taught by myself, a midwife who has been immersed in the maternity world for over 12 years having worked in a hand full of different hospitals and healthcare systems. I know EXACTLY what you need to know.

Back to Birth and its popular bundles evidently stand out from hospital classes purely down to the uniqueness of the service. Each evidence-based bundle is purposefully designed to empower and educate you and your support partner in preparation for YOUR unique birth experience.

Classes are curated to relate to your exact pregnancy needs (pelvic pain/GDM/twins/anxiety/PET/previous caesarean/epidural).

Hospital classes do not offer individualised, private, one to one classes.

As Back to Birth’s classes can be facilitated from the comfort of your own home ( virtually and or in person), they are held at a time that is suits both your busy schedules. In addition, as they are refreshingly informal, relaxed and comforting, this allows time for heaps of opportunities to ask questions and chat. 

Absolutely yes! If at all possible, your main support person for birth, baby and breastfeeding (if breastfeeding is your chosen feeding method) should attend. If you have more than one support person (e.g. your mum, doula, best friend) they are also welcome to attend, should you wish or especially if your chosen support partner is not able to attend.

The more the merrier.

The comprehensive class summary and pdf that is emailed once each bundle is completed will have the whole team up to speed.

As classes are live, the more questions the better!

Yes of course, if needed.

There is always time to stretch the legs, to restock your snack tray and for toilet breaks.

Classes are purposefully designed to meet your needs.

At the moment, Back to Birth classes take place online via zoom or in the comfort of your own home (location/covid depending).

Group face to face class dates will be launching and available soon. Exciting details to follow. Stay tuned!

Internet connectivity and a laptop are required to access Back to Birth’s virtual educational classes.

For Time to Shine, Back to Epidural Birth, Back to Twin Birth and Back to VBAC birth, a tray of ice cubes and a towel will be needed. I promise it will make sense once we get started.

For Baby Love, Back to Birth asks for you to have a baby sized object (doll or teddy) and a cotton swaddle at the ready for swaddling.

Yes they are. Back to Birth Education and its bundles are inclusive, welcoming and accessible to anyone who wishes to sign up. Back to Birth is committed to providing high-quality childbirth and parenting to all. Please send an email and we can come to a payment plan that works for you and your family.

Yes. Back to Birth is delighted to confirm that health insurers contribute to class costs considerably as Back to Birth is independently run by a Registered Midwife and Certified Childbirth Educator. Depending on your chosen insurance provider and package, you can receive a refund of 30% – 100%. Once you book in and pay for your Back to Birth bundle, we will issue you with a sales receipt that includes all relevant information your insurance company requires. You send this receipt to your insurance company, who will then issue you with the relevant refund. Best to always contact your insurance provider prior to booking so that they can calculate your refund entitlement.

Of course, I do!

Some of the most beautiful births I have seen in my career have been epidural births.

Back to Birth purposefully offers an exclusive epidural birth bundle for this exact reason, a first of its kind.

In both Time to Shine and Back to Epidural Birth, we calmly go through each step of the epidural process so that you both are well prepared.

Back to Birth’s paramount goal and hope is for you and your support partner to feel empowered, prepared, super excited and informed for the birth YOU are envisioning.

Back to Birth encourages expecting Back to Birth parents to learn as much about childbirth, postpartum and baby before attending class by reading through Back to Birth’s posts on its Instagram page. Check out @back_to_birth now.

Absolutely. ‘Here we go again’ is intentionally designed to support second, third and fourth time parents and is exactly what you need if you are looking for a quick refresher on how to prepare for your upcoming birthing experience. The Golden Hour, Back to Birth’s breastfeeding bundle, is extremely popular with second time + parents as we hold space for your previous breastfeeding journey (s) and look towards preparing for your upcoming feeding experience.

Our Classes

Time to Shine – €250

Time to Shine is Back to Birth’s ultimate pregnancy, labour and birth package.

This bundle covers EVERYTHING you need to know in order for you both to feel fully informed, empowered, supported and excited for your upcoming birth experience. This is truly your time to shine.

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Time to Shine – €250

Time to Shine is Back to Birth’s ultimate pregnancy, labour and birth package.

This bundle covers EVERYTHING you need to know in order for you both to feel fully informed, empowered, supported and excited for your upcoming birth experience. This is truly your time to shine.

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Sarah & Gav

“…Your passion shines through and makes such an informative and educational experience also something we truly enjoyed..”

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Cute little sleeping baby

Paula & Tom

‘We are so lucky our friend recommended that we reach out to B2B. We chose to do all 3 of B2B’s bundle classes because we were complete beginners to baby information, but I am very glad we did.

Money well spent if you ask me. It was SO awesome to get to know you Aoife.’

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Baby Jack

“…SO glad I did your Time to Shine, Baby Love and Golden Hour classes as they gave me a clear idea of what to expect. After our Back to Birth series, I felt prepared ….”

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Maria & David

“…Aoife covered all types of birth modes in our classes so we weren’t clueless when the day came. As I had more knowledge ahead of my birth, I felt I could confidently….”

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Sadie's Mum

“..After our wonderful Golden Hour session my breastfeeding experience has been so much more positive then my experience with my first….”

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