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Time to Shine is Back to Birth's ultimate pregnancy, labour and birth package. This bundle covers EVERYTHING you need to know in order for you both to feel fully informed, empowered, supported and excited for your upcoming birth experience. This is truly your time to shine.

"Thank you so much for everything you taught us during our Time to Shine series. Sam was an amazing support person. He used all of the massage techniques you taught him!! Thanks to Time to Shine, I felt confident in the whole process even though birth was a total whirlwind. I felt I was able to trust in my body so thank you times a million"

Class Overview

Do you wish to learn more about how to stay calm and in control during birth?
Are you familiar with the signs of labour and when you should/should not make your way into hospital?
Do you know how to physically work with your body when experiencing natural contractions?
Does your support partner know how to confidently support you physically and mentally through birth?

Time to Shine encompasses EVERYTHING you and support partner will need to know, no matter where or how you plan to birth your baby. If you want to achieve the birth of your dreams, Back to Birth’s Time to Shine bundle is the course to do just that.

The majority of couples who complete this bundle log off feeling confident, optimistic and ready to receive the positive birth experience they deserve and worked so hard for.



2 x 120 mins






Aoife Kenny

Class Topics Covered

By signing up to Time to Shine, topics that will be covered in detail include:

  • How to physically and mentally prepare for labour and birth in your final weeks of pregnancy
  • Anatomy of the pelvis and how to maximize space to help your baby descend gently
  • Understanding the process and stages of labour
  • Practical hands on tools and tips for your support partner (s)
  • Active labour birth positions
  • When to go to hospital vs when to stay at home
  • What to do when things don’t go to plan
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques
  • How to write a birth plan
  • Medical and non medical pain relief options
  • Optimal positioning for pregnancy and birth
  • Induction of labour and natural induction methods
  • Caesarean and instrumental modes of birth

Time to Shine is a virtual four hour bundle, split into two two hour classes facilitated by myself, an experienced clinical hands on Midwife and Childbirth Educator you can trust.

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